The Open Ocean (fine, sea)

Saturday afternoon, we hopped on a dolmus, and then into a cab to reach the beach town of Arsuz.

The Mediterranean

Here is a shot of my first glimpse of the the Mediterranean. It was taken in a speeding dolmus.

We figured that splitting a cab five ways might only be slightly more than the price of the dolmus, but the convenience would be unparalleled, so we hopped into the first cab to offer us his service. In order to get on the highway to Arsuz, the taxi needed to make a U-turn, and it had to drive about five minutes before it could make said U-turn. By the time it had returned to the place where it picked us up, the meter was already at 15 TL, and the driver said we had another 30-45 minutes to go. Quickly estimating the cost of the whole taxi ride, we all decided we’d better hope out and catch a dolmus, but the driver promised he could get us there for only 5 TL more than the cost of the dolmus.  So we settled back in and chatted with him as we drove along the beautiful coastal highway. I was in the front seat, and I watched nervously as the meter passed the 100 TL mark, 150 TL. When we pulled into the town of Arsuz, the driver cheerily accepted the 100TL we agreed upon en route. He then offered to wait for us and give us a ride back, but we weren’t sure when we’d want to head back, so we thanked him profusely, bid him good day, and made a beeline for the beach.

The Beach

This beach.

After a quick glance at the water, we decided it was lunch time and headed to a fish restaurant with this view from the patio:

The Mediterranean

Because we beat the tourist season rush to Arsuz and were having lunch at 3 in the afternoon, we were the only customers. We were offered a free plate of delicious appetizers and feasted on fresh fish (or chicken for the fish-o-phobes). We then set off to explore the rockier beach behind the restaurant.

The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean

There was a lot of trash on the rocks, which turned into a fun game of “what’s the strangest thing you can find?” It was a tough competition, but the clear victor was the piece “lonely purple flip flop with dead crab carcass.”

The Beach

The River

This is where the river meets the ocean.

After exploring the beach and the highlights of the town (the road up to the Jandarma station and the corner grocery store), we piled into a dolmus and returned to Antakya.


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  1. How exciting to see the Mediterranean! Beautiful!

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