The Day-to-Day

Wild weekends aside, I have settled back into my teaching routine fairly easily. A number of improvements have occurred this semester, most notably, one of my coworkers showed me how to work the projector in the classroom. Now I can project the textbook answers so students don’t have to decipher my appalling handwriting. I can also play recordings from the book, so I don’t have to read the scripts myself while trying to use different voices for the characters. This has made my three-hour block of hazirlik classes immensely easier.

After over six months of pestering, M.K. and I will be receiving Turkish lessons, though I expect our current arrangement will present its own set of challenges. Part of the reason for the delay was due to a misunderstanding about the number of hours we were asking for; we were hoping for between 2-4 hours of class a week, but somehow the rumor got started that we were demanding 7 hours of private instruction, which was obviously unreasonable.

Last week, both M.K. and I were distressed to discover that the cafeteria where we usually (fine, always) enjoy our lunch of tavuk doner was out of pul biber (red pepper flakes). It was a dark week for us. We kept meaning to bring our own from home, but kept forgetting. Every day, M.K. would ask, “Bugun, pul biber var ma?” (Do you have red pepper flakes today?”), and the cook would lift his head, click his tongue, and raise his eyebrows in a gesture which means “no.” All of our hopes and dreams obliterated, yet again. After a full week of disappointment, the pul biber was replenished and our lunchtimes are fabulous yet again.


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