The Break

From January 9th until February 17th, students abandoned campus in favor of hometowns for some much needed, if not necessarily much earned (I’m looking at you girl who never stopped texting and boy who I only saw in class twice) rest and relaxation. I, therefore, was left entirely to my own devices.

During this time, I further explored Cappadocia’s finest shopping venues, made a pilgrimage to Adana to eat the delicious Adana kebab in its native habitat, and made like my students and went home (to America!) for a few days. There is much to be said about the overwhelming joy I experienced eating sour cream, reuniting with friends and family, and finding myself able to function entirely independently.  I am still mourning the loss of my guac (and friends and family and whatever too), but I am looking forward to a new semester filled with better, more engaging lesson plans and more fabulous weekend adventures in this glorious country.


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  1. Emily, it was great having you back for a brief moment in time! Enjoying the cute little red dish you gave us. It’s perched on the bookshelf looking happy. 🙂

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