In all of my excitement about my experiences in Mardin, I neglected to provide you, dear readers, with a summary of this fine city. So here it is:

Mardin is a lovely city constructed of honey-colored limestone clinging onto the side of a hill. Due to its placement on the aforementioned hillside, it is an abrupt and narrow city. The main street suddenly decides to become a one way because there simply isn’t enough room to make space for two cars, and if you walk just one block down from this main road, you will be met with a stunning view of the “ocean of fields” below the city. It seems fitting that this landlocked island city is the only city in Turkey where Arabic is the predominant language. It’s a beacon calling strangers in and welcoming them with kebabs, museumskind old men with candy, and the 40 Martyrs Church (which is not called, as I first misheard, the 40 murders church).

Isn’t Mardin lovely?

Mardin Mardin Mardin Mardin


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