Housing Update

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This time tomorrow, my bags will be piled in my new Turkish apartment. Huzzah! M.K. and I will be residing with the entire psychology department at Nevsehir University (the entire department consists of just one super-cool lady). I will have my own room, an American roommate, a Turkish roommate, 2 adorable kittens, and room for guests. I could not be more thrilled.

That’s all for now. I have much more I ought to be sharing, but tonight I choose to focus my attention on drinking as much water as humanly possible and watching adorable cat videos.



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4 responses to “Housing Update

  1. Naomi

    Yay! A room, a house, a home for Emily! So glad to hear. Yes, this sounds like something that would suit you well. Glad to hear. (have really been enjoying your posts, by the way. Reading them between typing resumes really helps…. )

    • Good luck with your resumes. I know it’s your most favoritest thing to do. 😉

      • Naomi

        Most favoritest, indeed… and already headed into the next quarter. My “blue” class starts on Monday. thankfully I am past the dependence on a wheel chair and crutches… although neither of those would have gotten me out of typing resumes, anyhow.

  2. Mary Ann

    Emily, so happy to be following your blog! Look like you are having lots of adventures already-just like Bilbo Baggins! Take care. Be safe. Miss you!

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