Bon Voyage, they said

What do you do with your last full day in America? Eat hamburgers and drink beer while releasing bald eagles during a college football game. Right? Not quite.

Well, if you’re me, you wake up too early. Eat left over Mexican food for breakfast (thanks L.D. for saving the chips) while on the phone informing my credit card companies that I will be leaving the country. Tomorrow. Then, run some last minute errands with my father. Drink the world’s largest cup of chia tea and the world’s largest cup of coffee. Pee a lot. Watch the Wire with my brother. Eat a delicious dinner followed by shameful amounts of frozen yogurt. After all, what’s more patriotic than gluttony? Throughout the day, say heartfelt see-you-laters to friends and family in person and via phone, interpretative dance, and carrier pigeon. Try not to panic. I think my mantra for the next few days will be that adventure is nothing but finely aged disaster, so a good story is the worst that can happen. Not the most inspiring mantra, but certainly not the worst, right H.M.?

I will leave you with my grandma’s declaration regarding my time in Turkey (she’s 92): “It might not be a marriage, but it’s certainly an engagement.”


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